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As an Educational Consultant, Hollis Langdoc understands that various educational or psychosocial diagnoses may affect a child’s progress/success in the classroom.  And also recognizes the difficulties and fears parents may face navigating the school system to address the needs of their children. Hollis acts as a liaison facilitating communication and cooperation between parents, teachers, and administrators on how to best implement accommodations to ensure children’s specific needs are met appropriately and parent’s worries are eased.

Hollis provides a unique perspective as both an educator and school counselor.  As a classroom teacher and reading specialist for 10 years, Hollis has extensive knowledge in assessment interpretation and the 504 and Special Ed qualifying process. As a counselor, she has supported children and consulted with parents from various socioeconomic backgrounds, understanding each situation as unique and individual. Hollis holds a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in education, a Masters of Education from the University of Houston, as well as a Masters of Science in Counseling from Southern Methodist University.  

Education Consultant

Hollis langdoc 

B.S., Education

M.S., Reading

M.S., Counseling


f: 214-723-7566


Hollis langdoc

M.s., lpc