Rosalynn received her undergraduate from the University of North Texas alongside Toni Scalise, owner of Corbella Counseling, where she majored in Education and minored in Special Education. She taught 6 years at both the elementary and middle school levels before graduating with her Masters in Education from the University of North Texas and becoming a school counselor. 
She believes in a whole systems approach to helping children with home, school and any involved outside resources working together in the common goal of student success. Through her work in schools she realized the effects of trauma on students and began to passionately work to educate administrators and teachers on the long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences.  She believes in the power of connection and the importance of relationships. 

She was often the case manager for 504 plans ensuring appropriate accommodations were in place and regularly reviewed and followed.  After 17 years in public schools, she accepted a position at SMU as a research specialist where she is currently employed part-time. Rosalynn visits schools throughout the Dallas area teaching students about a growth mindset. She also teaches a graduate level course over collaboration during the summer.  

Rosalynn has been married for 16 years and has two wonderful sons ages 12 and 10 and a playful dog named Avena.

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