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Special-Ed Teacher

    • elementary and middle-school teacher for 6 years

School Counselor

    • elementary, middle-school, and high-school counselor for 11 years

    • worked with at-risk youth

    • ran ARD meetings and developed 504 plans 

    • made sure accommodations were appropriate and being implemented

Instructional Specialist 

    • worked with all new teachers helping them navigate their careers

    • helped them make the most of being a teacher 

Licensed Professional Counselor 



Ashley’s passion is to work with children who have emotional and behavioral concerns. She believes all behavior is purposeful and people are responsible for their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Ashley is a relationship focused counselor, who likes to work from a collaborative approach. She values working together to process client concerns.

Ashley’s educational background and previous work experience have confirmed her passion for helping others. She is trained in areas of telehealth services, assessments, play therapy, expressive arts, child and adolescent appraisal, child development, group counseling, multiculturalism, substance abuse/ addictions, crisis intervention, and family counseling.

Ashley graduated in 2020 from the University of North Texas with her Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Ashley is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor.

Ashley joined Corbella Counseling in February of 2020. She offers flexible weeknight appointments at our Dallas and Addison locations.




Licensed Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor

214-433-6433 xt 705

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