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Special-Ed Teacher

    • elementary and middle-school teacher for 6 years

School Counselor

    • elementary, middle-school, and high-school counselor for 11 years

    • worked with at-risk youth

    • ran ARD meetings and developed 504 plans 

    • made sure accommodations were appropriate and being implemented

Instructional Specialist 

    • worked with all new teachers helping them navigate their careers

    • helped them make the most of being a teacher 

Licensed Professional Counselor 



Mary’s commitment to the mental, physical and social support of others has developed over her 26-year career as an eldercare consultant, parenting educator through UTSW, assistant dean of students, and as a personal counselor at Ursuline Academy, an all-girls high school in Dallas, from 2012 until she joined Corbella Counseling in 2023.

Her expertise in working one-on-one with teen girls to address their emotional, academic and social challenges and the consequent risks: anxiety, depression, perfectionist thinking, and self-harm, has been a valuable asset to our adolescent and teen clients. Mary focuses on coaching teens to develop strategies for managing the academic and social pressures that these girls face throughout their high school years and beyond. By meeting them where they are and normalizing their experiences, she can quickly connect and understand this population. She places a strong emphasis on continuing their development of self-esteem, self-regulation, and distress tolerance skills.

Mary also works extensively with parents to strengthen communication and trust among family members and to collaborate on strategies to address the issues that her clients face in both long-term and acute crisis situations. Having raised 6 teenage girls of her own into adulthood, she understands the challenges that many parents face while raising teen girls and can help bridge any gaps in communications between parents and their teen girls. Mary believes that proactive collaboration with parents can lead to more effective coping strategies when developed together with supporting family members.

Mary received her Master of Social Work in 2009 from University of Texas – Arlington with a specialty in Children and Families. After completing 2 years of supervised clinical work, she received her LCSW in 2021. She also received training which led to her certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Additionally, she is a Certified Conversation Facilitator and is Shelton Certified in diagnosing learning differences in children.

When she isn’t working, Mary enjoys spending time with her husband of 14 years, cycling, reading, spending time with family, and playing with her dogs, Richard and Blue.




Licensed Clinical Social Worker

214-433-6433 xt 702

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